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Haere Mai Stewards

of the land
Tangata Whenua
of the plan
City Council
of the cloud

Now for the Future

upgraded digital
systems, security, performance
local talent
less money leaving Tauranga
international ecosystem
free software blueprints

Hippie’s Free Software : $5

30 years ago
distributed Free Software
Provided value
as a student
Open Blueprints
encouraged to share and change
Paid to Learn
while contributing value

Firm Foundations

Many years later, a Global Advisor:

Cloud Native Compute Foundation
Catalyst provides Certified Kubernetes
LF Public Health
Free Software Foundation
Public Money? Public Code!

Cloud Native Compute Foundation

NZ CNCF Certified Cloud

Catalyst Cloud announces CNCF certified Kubernetes platform

Public Health - GAEN+Bluetooth

NZ COVID Contract Tracing


Public Money? Public Code!

No artificial limits
Meet our own needs
Invest in local talent
Less out-of-town contractors

The FSFE EU Video

Street Repairs in Tauranga

Investing in our Future

Our youth are the future, and will be working for council within ten years.

Tauranga Teens
speaking overseas on cloud infrastructure
Cloud Native
from an early age
Beyond Us Impact
servant leaders of tomorrow

CNCF Support for Tauranga

The CNCF has offered to help onramp NZ students:

Curriculm and Training
to get our youth solving local problems
to showcase their knowledge
Conference Passes
KubeCon and many others
Paid Internship Programs
(Google Summer of code and others)

Now for the Future

The call to action is simple here:

What Software does Council currently use?

Can Open Source be an explicit part of the conversation?

Can I be invited to those conversations?