funding community initiatives

If you want to @cobudget with us, write your email and #chilli4change on an physical envelope with your contribution and drop it by in person at 148 Durham Street, Tauranga.

Your sharing of community wants, values, and feelings at #chilli4change Friday now meets a call to action!

You wanted Thai or Mexican for our next meal. You also wanted to invite Arturo Pelayo from Tactile Astronomy

We all put money into envelopes with our emails on them, so we could @cobudget together to decide what to eat and how to get our next speaker here!

You will now have received an email from iiCobudget:

You can see how it works, but we are going to go ahead and walk through clicking on getting started.

You just need to fill in your name, and choose a password.

Now you have the opportunity to allocate the money from your envelope into existing idea buckets or create your own!

Looking forward to seeing us host Arturo at the next #chilli4change!